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Natascha Wright from La Bouche

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Natascha Wright – Singer from South America, mostly known for her work with La Bouche.
Natascha Wright (real name Natascha Rekelhof) was born in a small South American village near Surinam on 18 July 1975. Her mother is African, and her father is Dutch. When she was young, Wright and her family moved to her father’s homeland. Natascha always wanted to become an artist, and she knew that the move to the Netherlands gives her better chances of success in the music industry.
In 1991, when the aspiring singer was just 16 years old, she won an international music contest at Holland Casino Scheveningen Festival. At the competition, she sang “Alles wat ik heb” and “Crazy Love”. During the performance, Natascha caught the eye of a producer John de Mol Senior. He helped her get her first contract.
In 1992, Natascha enrolled at Academy for Light Music in Hilversum. She studied hard but didn’t forget about the music career.
In 1994, the young woman moved to Germany. She believed that success is waiting for her in another country. One of her songs even managed to become popular in Canada, but it turned out to be rather hard to conquer Europe. In Germany, Wright met a successful singer Haddaway, with whom she toured the world for four years. Wright kept dreaming about a solo career. However, the popularity came to her when she joined a group.
In 2000, Boney M’s producer Frank Farian made Natascha a stellar offer. He suggested she replace the vocalist of a popular band La Bouche. The ex-vocalist Melanie Thornton left the band to pursue a solo career and signed a contract with another label.
When Thornton left the band, La Bouche was at the peak of its popularity. The artists released two highly successful albums and numerous singles. The last LP, S.O.S., came out in 1997. Even though it wasn’t as popular as the first one, the record featured a variety of hits.
Natascha accepted the offer and never regretted it. Even though she performed with the band for only two years, the world knows her as Natascha Wright from La Bouche. With the group, Natascha recorded two singles, “All I Want” and “In Your Life”. Neither of them made it into the world charts.
After leaving La Bouche, Wright worked with Mary and Chris Applegate. Together they produced Jennifer Rush’s song “Power of Love”. The single later became famous thanks to Celine Dion’s remake. For a short time, Wright replaced dance music by neo-soul and jazz. She continued working with other groups.
In 2004, Natascha released her first solo album, Free To Live It. It featured 16 songs. Even though the LP didn’t make it into the charts, the singer’s fans were ecstatic about it. Wright released two more solo albums, Let’s Fly High In The Sky (2008) and Ron Zacapa Soul Vol. 1 (2012) with Alfred McCrary
Even though Natascha devoted a lot of her attention to the solo career, she kept giving live performances, singing La Bouche songs. In 2018, she released an EP, J'adore La Bouche. The album featured 15 tracks, including remixes of the famous La Bouche hits and several of their songs performed acapella by Natascha.
Natascha Wright from La Bouche continues singing the group’s songs, giving concerts, and attending private events.


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