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Biography La Bouche

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Musical band from German La Rouche was founded in 1994 by producer Frank Fariani. This eurodance music band had two vocalists – Melani Thornton and Lane McCray. Lane McCray is a part of the multi-platinum group La Bouche. Aside La Bouche, the rapper also recorded several solo songs on DMN Records.
They released their first single in 1995. It was «Be My Lover», which made the group popular. The track scored a #1 hit in Germany and #6 on US Billboard Hot 100.
Their second single «Sweet Dreams» reached the number 1 US Dance Chart.
La Rouche's debut album was called «Sweet Dreams» and it was certified platinum and gold. The second album «S.O.S.» became the last one. It was launched in 1998. The most played and famous single of the album is «You won't forget me».
La Bouche has sold millions of their records.
Melani Thornton left La Rouche in 2000 to start her solo career. Her career was successful – she recorded lots of singles like «The Way it is», «Sunshine of my life» to name but a few. Coca Cola company also asked her to record their Christmas song «Holiday are Coming» for Germany television.
As for La Rouche, the project was finished.
Unfortunately, Melani was killed in air crash, which happened near Zurich.
In 2002 Frank Fariani released an album with Melani's songs. It was named «The Best of La Bouche (feat.Melani Thornton)».
La Rouche still exists. Its irreplaceable vocalist Lane McCray and a new singer still regale listeners of La Bouche.


Sweet Dreams


"Sweet Dreams"
a moment of love


"A Moment Of Love"




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